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 How to detect SPIDERMAN!

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PostSubject: How to detect SPIDERMAN!   Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:09 pm

Believe it or not there are such androids impersonating humans. They are more than just mean. They have the same charactor of a blackwidow spider and can be venimous. They usaly carry electric taesers that shoot out like a cobweb and paralyze its human victim. If you detect one there may be others in the group. Either terminate the human impostor or totaly disconect any association with it. They are extremly dangerous and insidious.

Take a 1 galllon can like a empty coffee can it can be smaller glass jar sometime works fair you can see through it.

Punch a small hole in the back of the can to allow for a small wires for a small speaker. Such as out of a old radio or something. Fasten the speaker in place, use tape or glue . Use some wire connectors some jacks.

Next; apply any type of material around the open side of the can like velcro or anything that can adhear a cobeweb.

Next; be careful you do not get stung by a spider. Find a old cobweb preferably one that has been abandon. The best one I have found are thick with woven with dust on them.

Next becareful sweep the open side of the can through the cobweb to were it covers the entire side opening of the can.

Next; IN SECRET, place the can some where you will hear peoples voices. If it is a real spider man human impostor the web will pounce exacly with the persons voice. Note you are probably not a spider and no matter what you say will not stimulate the web into reacting.

Also note. When a real spider man walks within about 50 feet of the spiderman sensor the web will pounce with his footsteps!!!!!!!!! SURREAL! affraid

Next find out who the entertainers are. Connect the speaker wire up to you radio or TV or maybe your enternet I have not try the later but I presume it will work.

Notice the people you hate the most will excite the cobweb. This can be a singer or a President I have not tried it on Obama as yet but I presume he is one because the 50 years all the rest of the Presidents have been one.

After you have perfected your experiment. Video it and put it on YOUTUBE so we can all see it. You might use a tag like Retilian Rulers or shapeshifters. affraid

You can now prove them all wrong.
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How to detect SPIDERMAN!
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