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 A question for the best well-being for my 8 legged guest :)

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PostSubject: A question for the best well-being for my 8 legged guest :)   Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:21 am

Hello all! (my first post hehe)

I just found this form & have a have a big question. But first a story behind it...
ok, I LOVE spiders, first off. hehe. Anyway, I work at a pet store & a couple weeks ago a family came in with a wild caught tarantula. They wanted info on how to keep it as a pet but instantly lost intrest when I informed them that all spiders were venomous *sigh*
Well, not wanting the poor girl to suffer, I took her home with me. I wanted to set her free as soon as possible, but sadly, I live in a very urban area & I know the odds are she would be killed if I let her go anywhere with so many people. SO I've been keeping her temporarily until I find a safe place to release her.

Anyway, an opportunity arose. I am going to visit my dad tomorrow & he lives in a heavily wooded area with few people (I live in Alameda county CA where she was caught & my dad lives in Sonoma county CA. a bit north west of us) I think it would be ideal but I want a second opinion just in case. I know it is winter & I'd hate to release her if she may freeze to death but I also don't want to keep her so long that she gets too used to captivity.

Please, what do you think would be best for her? Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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PostSubject: Re: A question for the best well-being for my 8 legged guest :)   Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:47 am

I think it would be safe to let her go in an area that is similar to where she was caught. That's where they live in Winter normally and should be able to live there OK the same as she does other Winters. Many people keep tarantulas as pets though and they aren't considered dangerous to humans but it IS better to leave wild animals in the wild. PS sorry to be late in answering, Christmas holidays and all that!
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A question for the best well-being for my 8 legged guest :)
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