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 Hello, my story and a question =)

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PostSubject: Hello, my story and a question =)   Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:20 pm

Hello i am from portugal =) i have a little add-on called stumble which i use a lot and i clicked it once and appeared your website. "Unidentified Spiders" came into my attention, since i always had a little passion for spiders but... i started lookin around ur website, found lots of stuff till i found that tarantulas are a really cool pet to have since u dont have to spend a million on food and vets and stuff like that, it doesnt smell it doesnt make noise ... etc.. i'm now passioned about spiders :O well ,im thinkin about buyin a tarantula and the pet store has there a grammostola rosea. Therefor i asked for other tarantulas wich they told me that they have available too: Avicularia metallica ; Ceratogyrus marshalli ; Poecilotheria striata and Poecilotheria regalis. The thing is that a read a lot of "no's" for a tarantula rosea cauz they are usually called "pet rocks" , they usually are unactive and have sudden change of activity and start climbing ur "pet house" (i dont remember the proper name right now) makin them fall and get hurt and other stuff. i started already some research about those other T's. Since im a beginner i dont want and ofc is not good to get an agressive spider wich i would have difficulties on handling it and stuff like that. What are your opinions ? Can u give me a little help ?

Thank you *
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, my story and a question =)   Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:23 am

I'm not really an expert on Tarantulas but there are plenty of tarantula web sites that could help you.
is a good one
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Hello, my story and a question =)
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