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 Arachnophobic in Costa Rica

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PostSubject: Arachnophobic in Costa Rica   Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:36 pm

I have finally taken the plunge, I will be travelling to Costa Rica in a few weeks' time. Since I am quite scared of spiders, I feel very brave and rather nervous. What spiders am I likely to encounter? I am already preparing to run into:

Tatantula's, apparently rather shy and not very agressive, I think I'll be OK with those

Wandering spiders, agressive and dangerous, where am I most likely to find them? And what do I do if somebody gets bitten in the middle of nowhere?

Nephila, they look absolutely terrifying, are they dangerous at all?

Any other spider species that may come my way that I should aware of?
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Arachnophobic in Costa Rica
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