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 Filming Climbing Spiders

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PostSubject: Filming Climbing Spiders    Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:47 am

I'm interested in the idea of filming a spider climbing a simple board of wood with matchsticks running across it like the steps on a ladder. A smooth motion could be achieved with a simple mechanical rig and a camera with a macro lens could get fine detail of how the spider climbs and selects its movements.

after this simple climbing wall it would be cool to reduce the amount of holds and use different materials to study how the spider uses its body to scale the wall.

Which spider (preferably bountiful in the UK) would be most suited and most least vulnerable to stress? and do you think it would be simple to bait the wall or leave it as the only route from a container?

obliviously i would in no way wish to harm a spider doing these experiments.

i think it would be super interesting...i got this idea watching a spider climb the very small wrinkles on my wall paper. when it came to an apparent smooth surface it still managed to keep going AND it did some abseiling...it was insane.

any on point relevant input would be welcome

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PostSubject: Re: Filming Climbing Spiders    Wed May 08, 2013 12:03 am

I'd use a wolf spider as they are spiders that live on the ground rather than on a web and more common to find
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Filming Climbing Spiders
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