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 Giant spider "invasion"

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PostSubject: Giant spider "invasion"   Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:39 pm

Hello all...new to the forum. I'm in central-western Ohio. Seems lately there have been a lot of large spiders in the area. I realize we have many types in this state, but lately a lot of my Facebook friends have posted pics of big guys. From what I can make out, they appear to be wolf or grass spiders. My wife found one in our laundry room that she described as being about as big as a fifty-cent piece. The largest I've seen ,myself has been closer to quarter-sized, with the exception of a pair of Garden spiders that I found in a friend's yard (hadn't seen that type for several years).
I'm just curious as to why the sudden increase in large spiders coming inside lately. I talked to a Ranger at a local park, but she didn't have an idea. Is it simply that we didn't notice them before?
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Giant spider "invasion"
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